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The 'Digital Property Risk' toolkit is everything that you need to identify and manage the digital risks within a professionally managed building or across a property portfolio.

The toolkit also gives you regular updates to keep you aware of the latest developments and points you in the direction of where next.

Who this is for:

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As property professionals we are confronted with new technology seemingly every day, but for all the opportunities and benefits that these can bring, it can be hard to get our arms around the risks. This toolkit helps you do just that. Whether taking the first steps or going into detail, whether you have an established risk governance program or starting from scratch this toolkit will help.


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You will already have established risk processes in place, but keeping up to date with all of the latest technology risks to make sure that they are included can be challenging.
This toolkit provides you with in depth insights to ensure that your risk processes continue to capture the ever evolving digital risks that buildings face.


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You will already be adept at understanding the risks that can happen in IT, for example you may be familiar with ITIL.
However, technology professionals are being asked to take more and more responsibility for the wider digital risks across  buildings and portfolios. This toolkit will help you to ensure that all the risks that you are asked to be responsible for are clear.


  • Detailed analysis of the likely digital risks your building faces

  • Regular updates about new digital risks

  • Next steps to further manage and reduce risks

  • If you don't have an established risk process, all the tools and templates you will need.

What you get:

Subscribe your building and get:

The detail
Where to go to get into the detail. Available for anyone, but typically where to go for those who are comfortable with the first steps or with established risks processes for the building.

The right way for you

Digital risk in property is a huge topic, so throughout the toolkit, where you see this icon, content is split into two different levels of detail:

First steps
A good place to get started and take your first steps. Simplified tools and processes and high level risk for you to consider. 

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